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9789527044605.jpgThe author of the book is Jukka Hoffrén.

MiG-21in Finland 1963–1998

The MiG-21 appeared in the Finnish sky in 1963 when Finland purchased 21 MiG-21F-13s for the Finnish Air Force from the Soviet Union. In those days MiG-21 was one of the best jet day fighters. When they became obsolete, Finland replaced them with 26 MiG-21BIS all-weather fighters during 1978–1986. Including the replacing aircraft and two-seaters, the Finnish Air Force had in all 54 MiG-21s. MiG-21 flew its last flight in the Finnish Air Force on 7th of March, 1998. After that it has been impossible to exceed Mach 2 within the Finnish Air Force. This book tells the story of MiG-21 in Finland from the 1960s.

The author is an aviation history enthusiast from Aviation Museum Society Finland.

The book is English. Finnish version is also available.


  • ISBN 978-952-7044-60-5
  • Publishing on 31st of March 2021, available about on 14th of April, 2021.
  • Size B5 (182 mm x 257 mm)
  • Adhesive binding, hardcover
  • Number of pages 178
  • Paper 100 g Impression
  • Number of pictures 180+
  • RRP 60 € (including VAT 10 %)

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The first and the second editions were bilingual (Finnish & Swedish) and the book size was A4. Editions were sold out in 2020. The third edition got translation to English, the languages were separated to invidual books and the book was completed with additional photos and pictures.